Thursday, 10 September 2015

Customer Service

We stayed at an apartment run by Odalys in St-Jean-de-Luz. They have an unusual approach to car parking. To prevent cars from going over the lines at the end of the parking bays, they have pretty pink bricks laid inside them. No naughty car will go in the wrong place at St Jean!

The bricks are invisible when you are inside the car. And when you drive over the edge of a brick it rips your tyre apart with admirable efficiency. Thus ensuring that you will never, ever, ever park in that parking bay again.

It does have the slightly less desirable side effect of persuading you never to book with Odalys again but clearly the owners think that's worth it to stop cars from colouring outside the lines.

I now know how to change a wheel, and where to get new tyres in France. I highly recommend the E. Leclerc at St Jean. It looks like our local Halfords and has the most helpful staff you could wish for. It only cost us €135 to meet our new best friend Emilie who found us a new tyre that matched our existing ones.

Ah, Odalys. You do know how to show your guests a good time.

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