Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Jardins de Bakea Hotel

We were on the Spanish side of the border with France, and the Sat Nav was telling us to turn off. But we were meant to be going to France! We crept up a steep mountain road, and sure enough there was our hotel looking like a misplace Swiss chalet.

We were nearly at the end of the road, because further on there is just a small square with a bar and an open area where children can skateboard.

Or room was like a dolls' house: small and beautifully furnished and immaculately clean. We had windows on two sides and a lovely view out over the garden. We were on the second floor but luckily there is a lift, which isn't a given in France. We once stayed in Paris five storeys up with no lift! 

The staff were lovely and the food was unbelievable. It was our first French food of the holiday and it was beyond anything we'd get at home! 

We had our cycles with us and cycled into Hendaye, which is mostly downhill. 

It's a very pleasant route along by the river and coming back up the hill wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. I did have to stop to enjoy the view a few times though.

It was a lovely start to the holiday and I'd love to go back.

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